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Day 89 – Abstract

December 18, 2009 Leave a comment


In another abstract shooting frame of mind.

Manual Reading

Page 105, Setting the Flash. I think I should read my flash manual after the camera manual. I have very little idea of what it can do.

Photographers Images Studied.

An Alan Briot book was dropped through my letterbox today so I looked at the images in the book.

Work towards self employment.

I’m just watching fasttrack coaching “episode 50 : How to quit your day job” over on More lessons to be learned and advice to be taken.

Hopefully this weekend I’ll get started on my website. I’ll draw it out on paper first and spend a week or two, maybe more, with it stuck on my walls.


Day 78 – Sit here

December 7, 2009 1 comment


I’m going to make a better image of this park bench and table one of these days. I liked the lines created by the shadow and the fact that it looked like it was calling out for someone to sit on it.

Manual Reading

Page 92, AV: Aperture-Priority AE.

Photographer images studied

David J. Nightingale. I like to click through his images every couple of days.

Work towards self employment

I’m trying to zero in on what area I would be best suited to. I can see where there is a market but need to decide if I want to go that way right now.

Day 68 – Back to colour

November 27, 2009 2 comments


I took a walk in Ballincollig park at lunch today looking for some nice ferns to photo but ended up going abstract. I love shooting abstract.

Manual Reading

Page 79 & 80, AI servo for moving subjects.

Photographers Images Studied

Richard Holroyd, landscape photographer.

Work toward self employment

I’m still glued to Dane Sanders book. I’ve been trying to figure out which area of photography I would be best suited to.

On another note I went printing mad today. A lot of people have been asking for prints of images I’ve made so I felt it was about time to deliver.


Day 67 – Toned

November 26, 2009 1 comment


I seem to be in a black and white frame of mind since downloading Silver Efex Pro recently but I’m shooting with it in mind and not just converting everything.

Any images I make with it in mind I move into a lightroom collection called “possible black and white” I then quickly desaturate the image (press V) to get an idea of how it’s going to look and then remove the ones that don’t make the grade. The remaining images are resaturated (press V) and then processed. It works for me.

Manual Reading

Page 79, One shot AF for still subjects.

Photographer Images Studied

Today I checked out some of the new images in the wedding portfolio of Irish photographer David Lavery. I took a really enjoyable an evening photography course given by David last year. If anyone feels the need for an evening course check out his photography course in Cork College of Commerce.

If only he would run weekend wedding photography courses…. hint hint David.

Work towards self employment

So today has been really interesting, for me anyway. I have totally stopped with my plan for now and am concentrating on the advice and information in Fast Track Photographer for the next few days. It’s already changing the way I was planning to do things. I’m along the same path as what I have read so far but every few pages I get one of those “ah ha” moments.

If you are thinking of buying the book better buy it fast. Use the code ‘gobblegobble’ but be quick the offer is almost over.

Day 57 – Eyes everywhere.

November 16, 2009 3 comments


I must have been paranoid today as all I could see in everything I say was eyes watching me. It’s not like I was up to any mischief or anything. So I just had to get an image for today that was representative of my paranoia.

Manual Reading

White balance correction, page 68.

Photographers Images Studied

Right now I’m looking at the work of landscape photographer Mike McFarlane.

Work toward self employment.

So I have finally noted down a basic structured plan of action for the next few weeks and months ahead. I have some of the work done on part of this list from before now as I’ve been contemplating the move for some time so hopefully some of the points will get completed quickly.

So here are the rough notes on some of the items  I need to focus and hopefully report back on.

  1. Analyze skills and traits. Do I need to get training to  improve these. Business first then photographic.
  2. Determine market areas of work – niche, saturated, emerging.
  3. Collect information on sole trader requirements.
  4. Research, name, business and IT, register as self employed, home v’s premises.
  5. Contact business advisers, locate resources for start ups.
  6. Write business plan based on above.
  7. Marketing, advertising, bidding, promotion, target customers, e-comm. Training needed on some of these.
  8. Budget and cashflow, tax info, vat info. Contact accountant.
  9. ACTION.

Day 53

November 13, 2009 4 comments


Nothing spectacular. Just a grab shot for today. Was seeing how high I could take the ISO. Not bad for 3200; only treatment was with lightroom.

Manual Reading

Page 62, Monochrome Adjustment. I was once told to shoot RAW and in monochrome to improve my photography through better recognition of tonal changes. I think that’s what he said to me. I tried it for a while but I never got used to it. I should try it again.

Professional Photographers Images Studied

The images I studied today also helped fulfill the new part to my challenge, that of stepping up and takinga action to become self employed again. Who can admit that they never want to shoot for a living. Well I would love it. So I spent a some time researching some of the existing photographers in my area. First stop was the yellow pages to see the categories and count names, check website listings. Next stop was a few of their websites to check them out. I found some interesting stuff out there but by no means a saturated market when advertising is taken into account.

I also did a mini survey today to see if people could name any photographers and asked them where they would go to find one. Interestingly not one person said twitter. Then again I didn’t ask a whole lot of people. I also picked on women with engagement rings and not wedding rings.


Some more grabs

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Day 44 – More abstract

November 3, 2009 1 comment


So as you can see I’m still in my abstract mood. This time it’ s an abstract made from kitchen utensil holder. Only some very minor processing.

I’ve made a few images from this item before but I cannot seem to get what I have in my mind onto the memory card. You may see more of this item yet.

Manual Reading

Page 48, fully automatic shooting.

Photographers Images Studied

Today I looked at the images of Mark Raymond Mason. Check out the image “Blistered Tin” in Urban Gallery 6. Gave me a few ideas.

A few others

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