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Day 76 – Elephant

December 5, 2009 1 comment


I picked up this little hand carved elephant while in Sri Lanka a few yeas ago. It’s a fantastic place, if you ever get an opportunity to go there don’t think twice just go.

I was just practicing product photography with one speedlight. I tried glass jars, ornaments, fruit, wooden carvings, metal tools. and anything else that came to hand.

Manual Reading

Page 88, P: Program AE.

Photographer Images Studied

Jasmine Star. Who doesn’t know of Jasmine.

Work toward self employment

The reason I looked through Jasmines images today was because I was looking for the video of the “determined” branding talk she gave. This is what I did today to get closer to achieving my ultimate goal. See it here.


Day 47 – The minder

November 6, 2009 1 comment


Todays images are from my babysitting evening. If my niece heard me calling her a baby I’d be in big trouble. She is also the lucky one to own Millie, a 3 month old chocolate lab puppy. As you can see the puppy is treated like a baby for now.

I had to process these images on my uncalibrated laptop screen so will probably take another go at them when I’m hooked back up to my monitor shortly.

Manual Reading

Page 51, Creative Auto Shooting

Professional Photographer Images Studied

Today I looked a few youtube video by David DuChemin where he critiques images. It was interesting to hear another persons interpretations of an image and how they perceive it. 20 video here, definitely worth watching.

Other images from today

Day 14 – Happy experiment

October 4, 2009 Leave a comment


I have no idea why I am attracted to this image that I took late last night (after midnight) but I keep going back to it. I was babysitting and puppy sitting for my sister when I saw the dogs toy lying on the floor in a shaft of light coming from the outside light. As I had the camera in my hand I cranked up the ISO to 4000 (yes four thousand) and fired off a few handheld shots just to see how the camera would hold up.

When I look at my image I always think of a piece of wisdom from Freeman Patterson – “don’t be afraid to react emotionally to an image” – I think it went something like that anyway. Well I think that this image reminds me of my last dog, and that may be the reason I am attracted to it.

Manual Reading

Appending Dust Delete Data, page 149.Has anyone used this function. I think that dust just keeps moving around each time I turn on and off the camera so prefer to use lightroom to remove dust spot from batches of photos. I guess I should try it at least once. Then again it’s about time I cleaned the sensor properly soon. How often do you clean your sensor? I wait until it becomes too much of a task to use lightroom, or when dust appears in any of the “thirds”.

Professional Photographers Images Reviewed

Today I deceided to watch youtube videos by Bert Stephani, particularly his series “confessions of a photographer”. I love his style and how he makes people photography appealing for me to try. As I’ve said before this is an area I am seriously lacking in practice. Anyone in Cork willing to be a subject for me? You will need a lot of patience!

Take a look at some of his videos if you haven’t already.

Here’s one to start you off

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Day 9 – Puppy power

September 29, 2009 Leave a comment


So this is Millie, my sisters new chocolate lab puppy. She’s 13 weeks old and like all puppies is impossible to get to stay still for a moment. She was dropped up to me this evening for a bit of puppy sitting so I tried my had at pet photography. Hats off to those of you who do this professionally.

I never realized how had it is to photography puppies. I’d just get focused and she would move, very frustrating. It something I’m going to need to practice a bit more I think. I had the camera on manual, off camera flash (for this image) and in AI Servo mode. I just wasn’t quick enough or experienced enough to get the image I wanted.

Manual Reading

Today I read about “Using the eye piece cover” on  p100. I must admit I used to use the cover when I started out but now I just block any stray light from entering the eye piece bu shielding it with my hand, a hat, or a cloth. It just seems like too much hassle to do it the correct way. Maybe manufacturers could implement a system that when mirror lockup is used another shutter would close behind the eyepiece. Maybe I’ll try out a few comparisons with it on and off the next time I’m out to see the effect.

Professional Photographers Images Studied

For a change I looked at the wedding gallery of Bjorn Thomassen. This is the type of photography that I am really lacking in. I’ve shot as a guest at a few weddings but they were just candids. I’m not sure if it is a type of photography I would pursue as a career but it is  certainly something I want to try at least once. Anyone looking for a gopher an assistant in Cork give me a call. All I ask for in exchange is for you to teach me something about wedding photography.