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Day 38 – What’s around the corner?

October 28, 2009 1 comment


The idea of not knowing what’s around the corner can be exciting or spooky. I always want to know what around the next corner and can’t wait to take a look. The “what if”s never bother me too much. Success, disaster who cares just go and look around the corner. Remember it’s better to go look and run back than to turn away and wonder what was around that corner.

Manual Reading

I’m glad I read my manual today. I read page 42, setting the date and time. As I read the the title I just remembered that I never changed the time to reflect the daylight savings time change on the weekend. Who knows when I would have thought to change it. Have you changed your cameras time?

Professional Photographers Images Studied

One of the people I follow on twitter is Jack Hollingsworth aka @photojack, and today he gave a list of photographers to follow on twitter. The list is great and I have been checking out some of the work of the the photographers names I didn’t recognize. Here’s the list Jack recommended.

Some other images


Day 33 – An oily mess

October 23, 2009 4 comments


Another mid-afternoon image for today. Who says you cannot take photos during the day. The worst thing I ever did was listen to that, now I say bring the camera everywhere all the time.

When opening lightroom today I got a bit of a shock when I just realized that the catalog backups were also saving to the same drive as the actual catalog. What a disaster that would have been. It’s all been safely rectified for now.

Manual Reading

Page 37, Using the quick control dial.

Professional Photographers Images Studied

Today I browsed through some flickr and pix images. Nobody specific.

Day 30 – Autumn has settled in

October 20, 2009 Leave a comment


Well I was back out for a walk during lunch today and saw this pool of water under the shadow of a tree. If only I had the courage to put on the chest waders I keep in the boot of my car then I would have gone down to the edge of the water. I think I would have looked a bit odd walking through a park in a suit and chest wader with no fishing rod though. I should just get over it and use the stuff I have. Here I am saying “I should have done xyz” again. Oh well, next time, maybe tomorrow. “Maybe tomorrow”, that was what I kept saying to the tuk tuk drivers in Sri Lanka outside my hotels when I went for walks during the day. They always just smiled and said “okay then”. Great place to go see if you ever get the chance.

Manual Reading

Page 35, Shutter Button. Enough said.

Professional Photographers Images Studied

I looked at the Landscape Photographer of the year 2009 images on the website.

One more image

Day 27 – Disaster

October 17, 2009 Leave a comment


So todays image is from the disaster that was my return to landscape photography. I’m really disappointed with the pixels that came home with me. Ever have one of those days where it seems the day felt like a waste of time.

I really need to work on my landscape images. I think I might need to find a course, or ten.

Manual Reading

I’m loosing track of what pages I have read now. I’ve read my manual a few times at this stage. Today I read page 86, Selt-timer Operation. I use this when I forget to bring a cable release but that’s about the only time.

Professional Photographers Images Studied

I’ve slipped up today and didn’t study any photographers images. Probably to do with the junk I took today. Not nice to compare my results with a pros. I know I shouldn’t compare but that’s easier said than done.

Some other snaps from today

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Day 24 – A walk in the park

October 14, 2009 Leave a comment


I think this is the first outdoor photo in my 365 challenge that was taken outside of golden hour. This was taken during my lunch break in one of the parks that I go for a walk in. I always have my camera with me but see the images as experiments and as a way of trying familiarizing myself with lens characteristics, well that’s what I tell myself anyway. I have made a conscious effort to photograph the same object with different lenses recently though and I even studied the differences between them earlier today.

But back to the image, it’s a buttercup in the middle of a football field. I was dressed to lye down in the grass to get the flower in focus so I went for a blurry image instead. I switched on live view, set the lens to 1:1 and moved the camera back and forth until it looked like the flower was out of focus. It was hard to do at all. Saying that I did take about 10 versions of the image but this was my preferred one. It’s slightly cropped too.

Manual Reading

I continued on with the shooting video section and read page 123, Taking still photos during movie shooting. One thing I was just remembered thinking writing this is that the recording video section I read yesterday has probably been updated with a new document since the firmware was upgraded to allow aperture selection. I vaguely remember reading that document. Better try and find it and stick it into the manual. Anyone have the link?

Professional Photographers Images Studied

As I mentioned above I was studying my own experimental images today, not that I am claiming in any way that I’m any where near being a professional. I think looking at my own good and bad images has to be done every now and then to stop me falling into the same mistakes I made previously. It still happens though, just not so frequently. If only people were as quick to say that an image is terrible as the are to say they like one. A persons feeling might be hurt for a split second but if there is something to be learned then I’d prefer to be told where I have gone wrong.

Some other images form todays lunch time walk