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Day 82 – Climb

December 11, 2009 Leave a comment


Typical piece of ivy climbing up a tree.

Manual Reading

Page 97, Auto Exposure Bracketing.

Photographer images studied

Flickr explore.


Day 72 – Flower

December 1, 2009 2 comments


Just a simple quick image of a flower. I was away most of the day today without my camera and had to do a bit of a rush shoot and post. It’s a bunch of flowers from the supermarket, a house plant in the background and an off camera flash shot through an umbrella.

Manual Reading

Page 85, Selecting the drive mode.

Photographer Images Studied

I downloaded another one of David Duchemins ebooks a few days ago and will be reading it in bed shortly. I expect the images will be up to his usual excellent standard.

Work towards self employment

A seven hour drive today gave me plenty of time to think about different ideas and to take on board what I have read in Dane Sanders book. I just need to write some of them down now before I forget.

Day 68 – Back to colour

November 27, 2009 2 comments


I took a walk in Ballincollig park at lunch today looking for some nice ferns to photo but ended up going abstract. I love shooting abstract.

Manual Reading

Page 79 & 80, AI servo for moving subjects.

Photographers Images Studied

Richard Holroyd, landscape photographer.

Work toward self employment

I’m still glued to Dane Sanders book. I’ve been trying to figure out which area of photography I would be best suited to.

On another note I went printing mad today. A lot of people have been asking for prints of images I’ve made so I felt it was about time to deliver.


Day 36 – A new shoot

October 26, 2009 1 comment


This is a new shoot that has just sprouted from one of the bamboo trees at the back of my garden. It’s picked an odd time of year to start out but then again why should it wait. This bamboo might find it a bit tougher going initially but I ‘m sure by spring it will be far ahead of the rest.  Strange as it may sound but I’m a bit envious of this shoot. It’s started out while I sit around day dreaming of what could be and making excuses: I need another camera, this lens, that flash, laptop, NAS box. Hopefully this project will help me find something that I think I’m looking for.

Manual Reading

Page 40, Menu operations.

Professional Photographers Images Studied

The images in At Work by Annie Leibovitz.

Is it a bit strange that I have very little portraits in my own photo library but spend a lot of time admiring portraiture? It’s something I have to do some more work on.

A few other images

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Day 24 – A walk in the park

October 14, 2009 Leave a comment


I think this is the first outdoor photo in my 365 challenge that was taken outside of golden hour. This was taken during my lunch break in one of the parks that I go for a walk in. I always have my camera with me but see the images as experiments and as a way of trying familiarizing myself with lens characteristics, well that’s what I tell myself anyway. I have made a conscious effort to photograph the same object with different lenses recently though and I even studied the differences between them earlier today.

But back to the image, it’s a buttercup in the middle of a football field. I was dressed to lye down in the grass to get the flower in focus so I went for a blurry image instead. I switched on live view, set the lens to 1:1 and moved the camera back and forth until it looked like the flower was out of focus. It was hard to do at all. Saying that I did take about 10 versions of the image but this was my preferred one. It’s slightly cropped too.

Manual Reading

I continued on with the shooting video section and read page 123, Taking still photos during movie shooting. One thing I was just remembered thinking writing this is that the recording video section I read yesterday has probably been updated with a new document since the firmware was upgraded to allow aperture selection. I vaguely remember reading that document. Better try and find it and stick it into the manual. Anyone have the link?

Professional Photographers Images Studied

As I mentioned above I was studying my own experimental images today, not that I am claiming in any way that I’m any where near being a professional. I think looking at my own good and bad images has to be done every now and then to stop me falling into the same mistakes I made previously. It still happens though, just not so frequently. If only people were as quick to say that an image is terrible as the are to say they like one. A persons feeling might be hurt for a split second but if there is something to be learned then I’d prefer to be told where I have gone wrong.

Some other images form todays lunch time walk

Day 17 – Garden Photography

October 7, 2009 Leave a comment


This evening was spent in the back garden again trying to find a subject I could do some justice for. I’m not sure what this plant is called but I’m finding it extremely difficult to get a great shot of. I think I may have to dig it up and put it in a pot so I can  move it around a bit more. The plant is only about three inches tall and is in an tough position to get a good angle on. Before digging it up I may take a trip to the garden centre and see if I can get another one first, I’ll also get it’s name.

Manual Reading

As I waited for the computer to boot up I read page 65, Setting The White Balance. While the manual hints at using AWB as standard I never use it anymore. Generally I have my camera set to daylight and then adjust it as I see fit or to try and get an effect I want. I also  use Lightroom to make changes in post.

Professional Photographers Images Studied

Today I spent some time looking at the Places portfolio of Bob Krist. My favorite image of that portfolio would have to be the one of Capella di Vitaleta. I’m a sucker for foggy/ misty images. Strange thing is that I don’t have a single image of my own with mist or fog in it. I’ll have to work on that this Autumn and see if I can get a few.

Other images from today

Day 16 – stuck indoors

October 6, 2009 Leave a comment


I was trying to take photos of a lily that were different from the normal one I see. This was the one I thought was best. I used off camera flash and a shoot through umbrella. Oh and I wasn’t in the mood to set up the tripod but regret not doing it now.

Manual Reading

Today I read about Manual Sensor Cleaning on page 151. As I mentioned before I try and avoid having to do this too often. A rocket blower I’m ok with but I’m reluctant to use a sensor swap unless I have to. It’s nothing to be afraid of but I wouldn’t be doing it every week. About every 6 months if it needs it.

Professional Photographers Images Studied

Today has been my first stumble at the project. I’ve been lazy and not looked at anyones images properly. I had an explore through flickr and pix so maybe I stumbled across a few professional images. Some of them looked very professional anyway and gave me some inspiration for future shoots.

A few other photos from today

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