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Day 10 – Locked away

September 30, 2009 Leave a comment


I started out today without having thought of anything to shoot and I struggled. Inspiration like the toilet roll was nowhere to be found when I needed it. So after racking my head for ages on what to shoot I followed Freeman Pattersons advice and for a bit of fun locked myself in the bathroom and didn’t leave until I had ten images. They didn’t have to be great images, just images that were thought out. This exercise really makes you look at things you take for granted everyday. I’m not saying that I did this toilet holder any justice but I it conveys a message of sorts.

Manual Reading

White balance Correction on p68 was the topic I choose today. I understand the idea of doing this but I think I’ll stick to lightroom for this one. I think I’d probably forget to return it to the default settings after playing around with it.

Professional Photographers Images Studied

Because of my lack of inspiration today I choose to check out the abduzeedo and the smashing magazine websites. Hopefully some of the images will spark something in me for tomorrows shot.

One more from the bathroom

Looks like I was in a bit of a tilt mode today.