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Day 9 – Puppy power

September 29, 2009 Leave a comment


So this is Millie, my sisters new chocolate lab puppy. She’s 13 weeks old and like all puppies is impossible to get to stay still for a moment. She was dropped up to me this evening for a bit of puppy sitting so I tried my had at pet photography. Hats off to those of you who do this professionally.

I never realized how had it is to photography puppies. I’d just get focused and she would move, very frustrating. It something I’m going to need to practice a bit more I think. I had the camera on manual, off camera flash (for this image) and in AI Servo mode. I just wasn’t quick enough or experienced enough to get the image I wanted.

Manual Reading

Today I read about “Using the eye piece cover” on  p100. I must admit I used to use the cover when I started out but now I just block any stray light from entering the eye piece bu shielding it with my hand, a hat, or a cloth. It just seems like too much hassle to do it the correct way. Maybe manufacturers could implement a system that when mirror lockup is used another shutter would close behind the eyepiece. Maybe I’ll try out a few comparisons with it on and off the next time I’m out to see the effect.

Professional Photographers Images Studied

For a change I looked at the wedding gallery of Bjorn Thomassen. This is the type of photography that I am really lacking in. I’ve shot as a guest at a few weddings but they were just candids. I’m not sure if it is a type of photography I would pursue as a career but it is  certainly something I want to try at least once. Anyone looking for a gopher an assistant in Cork give me a call. All I ask for in exchange is for you to teach me something about wedding photography.