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Day 74 – Gunpowder mills

December 4, 2009 Leave a comment


I think this was the building where workers were searched before going home after a days work in the the old gunpowder mills.

Manual Reading

Page 87, Advanced operations.

Photographer Images Studied

Visonmongers was dropped through my letter box today so I can’t resist looking at those images.

Work towards self employment

Nothing today, and I feel guilty about it. That’s good.


Day 35 – Landscape

October 26, 2009 6 comments


The image is of an old ruin by The Old Head of Kinsale. I photographed this building a few times before but was never happy with any of the images I mad of it. I’m happy enough with this one but I feel there is room for improvement.

(I’m posting this so late it looks like I missed postingĀ  on the 25th of October. Must be daylight savings time getting mixed up.)

Manual Reading

Page 39, Quick control screen nomenclature.

Profession Photographers Images Studied

I should be given a telling off today. This is the second time I haven’t satisfied this section of the challenge. I did however look a load of images made by an Irish army priest stationed in Pristina. Some fantastic stuff. I wish I could point people to the images but they are on a cd belonging to friend of mine just back from serving a few months out there. Does this satisfy part of the challenge…. I’m not sure.

Other images from today