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Day 57 – Eyes everywhere.

November 16, 2009 3 comments


I must have been paranoid today as all I could see in everything I say was eyes watching me. It’s not like I was up to any mischief or anything. So I just had to get an image for today that was representative of my paranoia.

Manual Reading

White balance correction, page 68.

Photographers Images Studied

Right now I’m looking at the work of landscape photographer Mike McFarlane.

Work toward self employment.

So I have finally noted down a basic structured plan of action for the next few weeks and months ahead. I have some of the work done on part of this list from before now as I’ve been contemplating the move for some time so hopefully some of the points will get completed quickly.

So here are the rough notes on some of the items  I need to focus and hopefully report back on.

  1. Analyze skills and traits. Do I need to get training to  improve these. Business first then photographic.
  2. Determine market areas of work – niche, saturated, emerging.
  3. Collect information on sole trader requirements.
  4. Research, name, business and IT, register as self employed, home v’s premises.
  5. Contact business advisers, locate resources for start ups.
  6. Write business plan based on above.
  7. Marketing, advertising, bidding, promotion, target customers, e-comm. Training needed on some of these.
  8. Budget and cashflow, tax info, vat info. Contact accountant.
  9. ACTION.

Day 52 – I want it.

November 11, 2009 3 comments


Todays image has been inspired yet again by Tasra Dawson and her recent blog post – How to Hit Your Target. Thanks Tasra.

I used to be self employed in my early 20s, and the day I stopped was the biggest regret I have ever had since then. I, stupidly, went back to college to become an “Business/IT professional” and those around me were delighted. Now I realize that I went back for others and not for myself. If only I had found the camera back them.

Half way through my degree I got itchy feet to be self employed again and bought the books you see in todays image, and many more to go with them. I spent more time studying them than my college material. Then I had a plan, made all the business contacts I needed to start, I even had a premises, stock ready to order, business bank accounts setup, etc.

Yet again I fell into the trap of listening to others and not following myself. As suggested I went and finished my degree as “it would make me more appealing as a business person”.

Well it’s over two and a half years now since I graduated and I think I’m further away from being self employed than I was when I was nine years old selling my mothers books at the side of the road, unbeknown to her, I think.

So what am I going to do tomorrow? Probably still moan on about the fact that I want to be self employed again but can’t. Why can’t I? What are my excuses for this? Maybe I’m listening to others again. I need to shut up and get on with it. I want it, I’m going reach my target.

I should add that the business I planned to start half way through college was started up by someone else and freaky as it may sound it’s in the exact premises I had chosen. It’s still going strong today, if only I hadn’t of listened to the “wise” ones. I even got to know the owner as I called in one day to joke about the fact that he stole my idea.

As my favorite phrase goes “shit happens, get over it”, but I can’t.

Ok rant over.

Hi boss, I’ll be in tomorrow.

Maybe that could be another part to this challenge. What did I do today to help reach my target?.

Manual Reading

Page 61, Customizing a picture style.

Professional Photographers Images Studied

Today I spent some time looking at the images on the Best Camera iPhone app that I downloaded yesterday. First app I paid for by the way; cheap skate that I am.

Do you believe that all the images in there were taken with iphones? I have my doubts about a few.