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Day 72 – Flower

December 1, 2009 2 comments


Just a simple quick image of a flower. I was away most of the day today without my camera and had to do a bit of a rush shoot and post. It’s a bunch of flowers from the supermarket, a house plant in the background and an off camera flash shot through an umbrella.

Manual Reading

Page 85, Selecting the drive mode.

Photographer Images Studied

I downloaded another one of David Duchemins ebooks a few days ago and will be reading it in bed shortly. I expect the images will be up to his usual excellent standard.

Work towards self employment

A seven hour drive today gave me plenty of time to think about different ideas and to take on board what I have read in Dane Sanders book. I just need to write some of them down now before I forget.


Day 39 – Off camera flash practice

October 30, 2009 3 comments


This evening I played around with off camera flash. The evenings get dark now so it’s hard to get an image outdoors after a day in the office. Maybe I should go take some outdoor image in the dark, I’ve never tried it seriously before.

Manual Reading

Page 43, Formatting the card. I often forget to do this after downloading images only to realize it after taking a few new images. I should really make an effort to take note of the number of images remaining to be taken on the LCD.

Professional Photographer Images Studied

Today I read one of the ebooks by David DuChemin, author of Within The Frame. As I mentioned before I have read that book a few times and I will probably read his ebooks a few times too. At $5 an ebook I think it’s worth getting a few of them. I spent more time than I normally would looking at the images he included in the book.

I can’t wait for the new book, Visionmongers.

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