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Day 73 – Flat pack or firewood

December 2, 2009 Leave a comment


Another quick and dirty image today. I was about to load up the stove but took a moment to capture this first. It’s hard to photo a dirty glove on its own, I tried but didn’t manage it. Yesterdays road trip resulted in a a room full of flat pack shelving that isn’t going to assemble itself. I always think of it as lego for grown ups. I used to love lego as a child.

Manual Reading

Page 86, Self timer operation. I use this when I’m getting the cable release out of my bag. Then I usually forget to turn it off after I have plugged in the cable and sometimes miss the moment. But there is always another moment around the corner.

Photographer Images Studied

Roger Overall. He has a beautiful way of capturing the moment.

Work towards self employment

Some people may not see this as completing this task for today. I however believe that an organized space is a moreĀ  productive place, so today I am assembling the flat pack shelving I bought yesterday. If you could see my desk now you would agree that it’s needed.


Day 26 – I’m struggling

October 16, 2009 Leave a comment


Todays image was a struggle. Lunch was short and I was a but lazy when I got home after work. All I kept saying was “I’ll make another image in 5 minutes”.

I took a few images while out for my lunchtime walk but rushed them all. I tried capturing the sparks from a cigarette lighter and then a potted plant leaf. God loves a trier so I’m told. I’m still really enjoying the challenge.

Manual Reading

This morning I read page 84, When Autofocus Fails and Manual Focusing. Nothing to explain on this really.

Professional Photographers Images Studied

So today I decided to just got to the first site returned by a google search on “Landscape Photographer”, the winning photographer was Mark Gray,”….an Internationally recognised professional landscape photographer. Completely self taught, he specialises in stunning panoramic photography of landscapes from Australia and beyond…..”

Boy am I glad I found this guys site, hopefully this weekend I’ll get a result like his “Colours of Autumn“. Check out his site.