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Day 60

November 19, 2009 1 comment


Another bit of a dark image, related to a previous post. Look back about 10 few days and see can you make a connection.

This was just an indoor mock up of an image I want to shoot in a more suitable outdoor location. I was just trying to get a handle on the lighting setup I might use.

Manual Reading

Page 70, Lens peripheral illumination correction.

Photographers Images Studied

Nevada Weir. I spent quite a bit of time looking at these Fine Art prints. Stunning.

Work towards self employment

I’ve been collecting price lists from photographers in my surroundings.

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Day 59 – Easy pickings

November 18, 2009 2 comments


This image is made up of a few average looking things but they mean something to me. The wallet was my fathers, I have it 12 years now and keep it as a constant reminder of him. It was stolen from me about 8 years ago but lucky for me a a refuse collector spotted it in a rubbish bin and handed it into a police station the next day. The money was gone but the wallet meant more to me so it was a happy ending.

The jeans, well I just wanted them but didn’t like them once I had them. I keep them to remind me to think carefully about what I “think” I want. Yes I am a bit strange. I still keep a piece or stone from a job I hated, I was a laborer for a stone mason. Anytime I think that I can’t stand the job I’m in I just have to look at that stone and the job doesn’t seem that bad – for another few weeks anyway. I had intended turning the stone into a clock but never got around to it.

Manual Reading

While doing some housekeeping on the folders on my pc I found the new instructions for how to use the video function of my camera. I had downloaded it when I upgraded the firmware but never read it. That’s been fixed now.

Photographers Images Studied

For a bit of a change I went to corbis and did a search for Ireland in the creative category, results.

Work towards self-employment

Nothing exciting to report just reading my books today.