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Day 75 – Frosty Friday

December 4, 2009 Leave a comment


I just noticed that I take way too many images in portrait mode. I should really get a grip for my camera to make it easier. I really wanted to get down lower for this one but wearing a suit and trying to take macro shots doesn’t mix very well.

Manual Reading

Page 87, Advanced Operations.

Photographer Images Studied

It rained most of today so I read some of First Light, A landscape photographer’s art by Joe Cornish. In the book he explains what he was trying to achieve in the images and provides another image of the same scene taken in different circumstances. I learn best by seeing and doing so find this type style of book suit me best.

And for anyone paying attention , yes I read about three or four different books at the same time. I even keep a book in the car for occasions when I can’t get out for a walk.

Work towards self employment

Today I’m looking at the area of marketing. Some may think it’s too soon for this but I don’t. I believe marketing is critical from the early stages. Today is just a brain storming session with myself to come up with a few idea and to research some already successful methods.

Right now “Little and Often” will be my approach to marketing. I’m of the frame of mind that you need to keep people interested and not to let them wander off to the next guy. It’s a bit like fishing, you throw some loose feed into the swim (area you are fishing) to attrach the fish. Then you throw a little more feed in regularly, little and often. This keeps the fish in your swim while you catch them one by one.

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Day 67 – Toned

November 26, 2009 1 comment


I seem to be in a black and white frame of mind since downloading Silver Efex Pro recently but I’m shooting with it in mind and not just converting everything.

Any images I make with it in mind I move into a lightroom collection called “possible black and white” I then quickly desaturate the image (press V) to get an idea of how it’s going to look and then remove the ones that don’t make the grade. The remaining images are resaturated (press V) and then processed. It works for me.

Manual Reading

Page 79, One shot AF for still subjects.

Photographer Images Studied

Today I checked out some of the new images in the wedding portfolio of Irish photographer David Lavery. I took a really enjoyable an evening photography course given by David last year. If anyone feels the need for an evening course check out his photography course in Cork College of Commerce.

If only he would run weekend wedding photography courses…. hint hint David.

Work towards self employment

So today has been really interesting, for me anyway. I have totally stopped with my plan for now and am concentrating on the advice and information in Fast Track Photographer for the next few days. It’s already changing the way I was planning to do things. I’m along the same path as what I have read so far but every few pages I get one of those “ah ha” moments.

If you are thinking of buying the book better buy it fast. Use the code ‘gobblegobble’ but be quick the offer is almost over.

Day 15 – The unknown

October 5, 2009 Leave a comment


It was the lines and textures that initially drew my attention to this plant leaf. The leaves are like huge elephant ears on tiny stems. I guess I should have taken a photo to show the whole plant but as a whole it looks messy.

Manual Reading

I’m continuing on with yesterdays area of reading and today read about Automatic Sensor Cleaning on page 148. I have my cameras auto clean setting set to enabled at all times but I also use the clean now function from time to time especially after a lens swap. I find it’s needed from time to time and think it does a more vigorous shake, although I’m not sure if that is in fact the case.

Professional Photographers Images Studied

I am still looking at the work of Bert Stephani today as I felt I didn’t see enough of it yesterday. Bert is also doing a self improvement project at the moment called 50/50 using nothing but a 50mm lens. Some interesting images there if you have time to check out the project.

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Day 5

September 25, 2009 Leave a comment


I had a bit of a struggle today in that the the only opportunity I had to take photos was during my lunch break. So I went for a walk in Ballincollig Regional Park.

Without a cloud in the sky I found it very hard going. It’s not a time I would normally go out to take photos that I intend to do anything with but more of a time I go to look for new locations.

When I got to the park I had intended to practice using flare in images but I could not get any. I tried everything but could not get a single bit of flare. I didn’t even have the lens hood on. I knew the Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro was good at preventing this but I didn’t think it would be that good. I ended up abandoning that idea after about 15 minutes of head scratching.

So then I went to try out the different metering modes in the camera. Before this project I’d have probably just given up completely after failing with the flare but now I seem to be more willing to experiment. In fact all the images I have been taking for this 365 project are imported to an “Experiments” folder in lightroom.

Manual Reading

So as you have probably guessed I read page 95 of my manual, selecting the metering mode. Most of the time I use evaluative mode and on occasion spot metering. So today I experimented with all modes taking 4 pictures of each scene so I could understand the differences and when best to use each in future. Just as well I read my camera manual page(s) in the car park before work every morning. I’m one of those people who hate to be late for anything so I usually end up with time to kill while I wait for whatever it is I’m early for.

Professional Photographers Images Studied

Today I studied images by Dennis Keeley. I’m not sure of how I feel about his image yet. I really enjoyed his landscape and still life images but not sure of the portraits. I’m not much of a portrait person myself so that probably has a lot to do with it.

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Day 1 of dave365

September 21, 2009 Leave a comment

Welcome to dave365.

Hungry for success

I have been hungry for progression of my ‘skills’ as a photographer for some time now. Always saying I’m going to do this or that to improve but never following through.

I find it easy to follow through on my equipment shopping list but never make the time to use it.

So after stumbling upon I am going to try and do something about it starting today.

I’m going to follow Tasra’s lead and try to improve my photography 300% in 1 year by doing the following:

1. Take and blog at least 1 photo a day.

2. Read at least 1 page of my camera manual.

3. Study some professional images every day.

So there it is and here I go.

So the image above ‘Hungry for success’ was taken on my kitchen table. It’s a simple wooden bowl I purchased in Sri Lanka with a basil leaf inside. The basil leaf was harmed after the making of this image as I ate it.

With regard to the reading a page of the manual, I’m going to be a bit different here and allow myself the choice to read some of a photography book or the some of the manual. Today I have been reading “Within the frame” by David duCheim. The last chapter I read was on photographing people, something I’m terrified of. This is my second time reading this book and I highly recommend it.

Reading this book has also fulfilled the 3rd part of today task, that of viewing photographers images. The images in the book are just fantastic.

So there you have it, day one is over and I’m hungry for more.

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