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Day 58 – lock me up

November 17, 2009 1 comment


I try to get a good image of this lock every couple of days but just cannot get one that I am happy with. It’s not used anymore and is just a feature in the Ballincollig Heritage Park that I go for a walk in during my lunch breaks. Unfortunately it is also surrounded by a safety fence on the other side so getting a good angle on it is difficult. I’m sure you will see more of this as I make more attempts.

Manual Reading

Page 69, White Balance Auto Bracketing. I’ve never tried this before so must do a few test shots.

Photographers Images Studied

I went through the Photographer Of the year 2007 portfolio from Digital Camera magazine. Some day I would like to get an image in there. I haven’t a link to it but there are some stunning images in there. Now to see where I’m going wrong. I tried to lead the eye from the cog in the bottom left along the row of cogs, across the railing, over to the bright leaves and back to the cog. I think I just lead the eye along the line of cogs and straight out of the image.

What do you think?

Work towards self employment

I’ve just been refining yesterdays listing and organizing my project folder. I work in IT project implementations so organizing a project launch and keeping it on track is something I’m supposed to be good at. We’ll see how I go for a project of my own.


Day 38 – What’s around the corner?

October 28, 2009 1 comment


The idea of not knowing what’s around the corner can be exciting or spooky. I always want to know what around the next corner and can’t wait to take a look. The “what if”s never bother me too much. Success, disaster who cares just go and look around the corner. Remember it’s better to go look and run back than to turn away and wonder what was around that corner.

Manual Reading

I’m glad I read my manual today. I read page 42, setting the date and time. As I read the the title I just remembered that I never changed the time to reflect the daylight savings time change on the weekend. Who knows when I would have thought to change it. Have you changed your cameras time?

Professional Photographers Images Studied

One of the people I follow on twitter is Jack Hollingsworth aka @photojack, and today he gave a list of photographers to follow on twitter. The list is great and I have been checking out some of the work of the the photographers names I didn’t recognize. Here’s the list Jack recommended.

Some other images

Day 33 – An oily mess

October 23, 2009 4 comments


Another mid-afternoon image for today. Who says you cannot take photos during the day. The worst thing I ever did was listen to that, now I say bring the camera everywhere all the time.

When opening lightroom today I got a bit of a shock when I just realized that the catalog backups were also saving to the same drive as the actual catalog. What a disaster that would have been. It’s all been safely rectified for now.

Manual Reading

Page 37, Using the quick control dial.

Professional Photographers Images Studied

Today I browsed through some flickr and pix images. Nobody specific.

Day 30 – Autumn has settled in

October 20, 2009 Leave a comment


Well I was back out for a walk during lunch today and saw this pool of water under the shadow of a tree. If only I had the courage to put on the chest waders I keep in the boot of my car then I would have gone down to the edge of the water. I think I would have looked a bit odd walking through a park in a suit and chest wader with no fishing rod though. I should just get over it and use the stuff I have. Here I am saying “I should have done xyz” again. Oh well, next time, maybe tomorrow. “Maybe tomorrow”, that was what I kept saying to the tuk tuk drivers in Sri Lanka outside my hotels when I went for walks during the day. They always just smiled and said “okay then”. Great place to go see if you ever get the chance.

Manual Reading

Page 35, Shutter Button. Enough said.

Professional Photographers Images Studied

I looked at the Landscape Photographer of the year 2009 images on the website.

One more image

Day 28 – Don’t be in a rush

October 18, 2009 Leave a comment


Today I went and had a look around the Ownabue Valley with my nine year old niece. I grew up there so it was nice to go back to some of the places I used to go fishing in as a child. The lesson I learned today was not to rush my images. The one above should have been a great but I was under orders from my niece that we needed to go home soon. Oh well it will keep for another day.

Manual Reading

I mentioned yesterday that I was loosing track of what I had read since the project began so I went back to the start of the book, glossed over a few pages and then read a piece of page 34, Adjusting the Viewfinder Quality. I had forgotten what that knob was called – “the dioptric adjustment knob”.

Professional Photographers Images Studied

I looked through the abstract images of UK photographer Tony Howell. I used to love taking abstract images when I started out but found it hard to get critiques so kind of gave it up. I still take some now but not nearly as much as I did (all of 2 years ago).

A few others


Day 25 – Not a nice site

October 15, 2009 2 comments


So what happened today. Well this is a pathway in one of the parks that I try to go for a walk in during my lunch break if the weather allows. It’s a lovely park and I can’t believe that I have only discovered it in the past few months. I’ve always know it was there but never bothered to take a look.

Well this is one of the pathways back to the car and much and all as I like the pathway the sight of this section drops my mood as I know that in another few minutes the camera will have to be put away for a few hours while I go back to reality and sit at a desk wishing I was out with a camera. The things I do to pay for camera equipment!

I’m not happy with this image but that’s ok. The next time I’m there I’ll try and make an image I like.

Manual Reading

Arriving to work early this morning I quickly read the page on Live View Shooting. I regularly use this when I’m using my tripod. The only thing is I tend to leave it turned on for too long when I should just compose, switch it off and wait for the light.

Professional Photographers Images Studied

I’m having an early night tonight but will be studying the image the book “First Light – A landscape photographer’s art” by Joe Cornish. I’ve studied his images before but I think they are worth another look as I’m going to attempt a few landscape shots this weekend. It’s been ages since I got out to do a few landscapes so hopefully I’ll succeed.

Day 4

September 24, 2009 Leave a comment


I had intended to get out to take a few landscape photos this evening but yet again work got in the way.  So yet again I resorted to the back garden to provide me with an image.

Little did I know that the plant I have hated the most would be the one I would turn my attention too. I figured that there must be something about this plant that I like. We inherited this plant with the house when we bought it about two years ago. I had been meaning to dump it but never got around to it. Just as well I didn’t.

Now if only I could pick which version I prefer (see below). Which do you think looks better?

Manual Reading

Today I read about creating folders on the memory card p72 and p73. Even after reading it it’s not something I think I will use. I can see how it might be useful but for now I’ll just stick to the default.

Professional Image Reviewed
Today I was examining the work of George Barr. I think this may be the reason I took a picture of the cordiline plant in the way I did.

Cordiline cyanotype