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Day 31 – Reorganizing needed

October 21, 2009 Leave a comment


The gear junkie in me put out a plea on twitter last week looking for a place to order a Vertex 200aw from. I collected it from the post office this morning. So I spent most of this evening packing it ten different way until I found a configuration that suits me for now.

The next task on my to do was my image for today. It is of the lilly I shot a few days ago except now it has died, those flowers lasted longer than I thought.

The hardest task for today was dealing with the message from lightroom my backup hard disk was full. The is a lot of reorganizing going on in that disk right now but I feel it’s time to make the move to a NAS solution. Anyone have any recommendations. I’m looking at the new Iomega ix2 at the moment.

Manual Reading

Page 36, using the main dial for selecting.

Professional Photographers Images Studied

Zach Arais, whats not to like about his images. I’m sure everyone has seen his stuff. Hey Zach please come to Ireland and give a One Light course, I’ll be first on the list.


Day 16 – stuck indoors

October 6, 2009 Leave a comment


I was trying to take photos of a lily that were different from the normal one I see. This was the one I thought was best. I used off camera flash and a shoot through umbrella. Oh and I wasn’t in the mood to set up the tripod but regret not doing it now.

Manual Reading

Today I read about Manual Sensor Cleaning on page 151. As I mentioned before I try and avoid having to do this too often. A rocket blower I’m ok with but I’m reluctant to use a sensor swap unless I have to. It’s nothing to be afraid of but I wouldn’t be doing it every week. About every 6 months if it needs it.

Professional Photographers Images Studied

Today has been my first stumble at the project. I’ve been lazy and not looked at anyones images properly. I had an explore through flickr and pix so maybe I stumbled across a few professional images. Some of them looked very professional anyway and gave me some inspiration for future shoots.

A few other photos from today

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