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Day 31 – Reorganizing needed

October 21, 2009 Leave a comment


The gear junkie in me put out a plea on twitter last week looking for a place to order a Vertex 200aw from. I collected it from the post office this morning. So I spent most of this evening packing it ten different way until I found a configuration that suits me for now.

The next task on my to do was my image for today. It is of the lilly I shot a few days ago except now it has died, those flowers lasted longer than I thought.

The hardest task for today was dealing with the message from lightroom my backup hard disk was full. The is a lot of reorganizing going on in that disk right now but I feel it’s time to make the move to a NAS solution. Anyone have any recommendations. I’m looking at the new Iomega ix2 at the moment.

Manual Reading

Page 36, using the main dial for selecting.

Professional Photographers Images Studied

Zach Arais, whats not to like about his images. I’m sure everyone has seen his stuff. Hey Zach please come to Ireland and give a One Light course, I’ll be first on the list.


Day 29 – Work to a deadline

October 19, 2009 Leave a comment


So todays image is of a water drop. After yesterdays post about not being in a rush I thought what if I was under orders to get a job done. I gave myself 45 minutes to setup, shoot and edit an image today. I’ve shot drop before so the setup was familiar but it was still a bit of a push to get theĀ  images made in the time allowed. This was the image I liked the most.

Manual Reading

I had a quick read the rest of page 34, Holding the camera.

Professional Photographers Images Studied

I must admit I spent more time trying to remember my old flickr account than studying todays photographer. Today I very quickly looked through some of the work of Joey Lawrence.

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Day 15 – The unknown

October 5, 2009 Leave a comment


It was the lines and textures that initially drew my attention to this plant leaf. The leaves are like huge elephant ears on tiny stems. I guess I should have taken a photo to show the whole plant but as a whole it looks messy.

Manual Reading

I’m continuing on with yesterdays area of reading and today read about Automatic Sensor Cleaning on page 148. I have my cameras auto clean setting set to enabled at all times but I also use the clean now function from time to time especially after a lens swap. I find it’s needed from time to time and think it does a more vigorous shake, although I’m not sure if that is in fact the case.

Professional Photographers Images Studied

I am still looking at the work of Bert Stephani today as I felt I didn’t see enough of it yesterday. Bert is also doing a self improvement project at the moment called 50/50 using nothing but a 50mm lens. Some interesting images there if you have time to check out the project.

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Day 2

September 22, 2009 Leave a comment

Orange Poppy

It’s day two of the dave365 challenge and I’m still at it. Well it would be a bit sad if I didn’t manage two days.

Photo of the day

So today’s picture is of some orange poppies that I have growing in my front garden. At least thats what I think they are, I got a cutting from a friend a few years ago and forgot to write down its name. Every evening the flowers wrap back up like this. Trying to isolate just one or two of these was tricky and makes me think I need to do some pruning as soon as all the flowers have gone.

Manual reading

Today I read about Image Recording Quality , pages 54-56. I only ever changed this setting once when I got the camera. That time I changed it to RAW and it’s been there ever since. To be honest I don’t see why I would want to use a lower setting, I’ve paid all this money for a camera that can record high quality so why would I settle for lower. Who cares about free space on a memory card, just put in another one once the card in the camera is almost full. Never fill a card to full capacity.

Professional photographers images studied

Today I’m looking at images by David Noton, a UK landscape photographer. I would love to be able to get a few image on par with those David has in his book and DVD “Chasing the Light”.

Landscape photography is an area I am keen to improve on and I have been trying for some time now. I’m making a bit of progress, I think. Most of my landscape images will probably appear on the weekends as it’s autumn here now and it gets dark very quickly after I finish work.