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Day 7 – Planning a shoot

September 27, 2009 Leave a comment


Todays shot is of my planning a future session. I spent a bit of time positioning the different element, adding this, removing things but this is the one that portrays how I feel a shoot plan would start.

All too often I end up without a plan and just heading off in some general direction in the car without a destination in mind. This often leaves me frustrated and feeling like another great sunset has gotten away from me. Sunrises always elude me, something else I must work on.

So now I am going to force myself to spend at least a few hours a month researching and planning a sot list.

As you can see from the image I use OS maps, a compass but also a sunrise and sunset position indicator and the Golden Hour website to determine sunrise and sunset times.

Do you plan your shoots in advance or do the same as myself and just wander?

I keep trying to go back to what David Noton says, “Location finding isn’t rocket science, it’s just about getting mud on your boots”. He makes it sound so easy!

Manual Reading

Today I read p90 TV: Shutter-Priority AE

As an estimate I would say that I shoot 95% of my shots in manual mode. Sometimes if I’m just wandering around I leave it in aperture priority, but that is only if I haven’t gone out specifically to take photos. My camera never leaves my side, it goes in the car, comes to work and follows me around the house. Sometimes I wonder if I should try to keep my hands off it for a week but I don;t think I could.

I’m going to make a point of shooting in TV mode a few times this week just because I never do.

Professional Photographers Images Reviewed

To I’m enjoying the work of Drew Gardner. The planning this guy must go through in organizing his image must be huge. His DVD has been on my shopping list for some time now but I can’t find somewhere that has it in stock and will ship it to me for less than the price of the DVD.

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