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Day 45 – Random Practice

November 4, 2009 3 comments


Todays image resulted in a random page being selected from the book Light Science & Magic. It fell open on page 151 and this is the result I got. Trust me not to notice the glass I picked was dirty until I packed everything away. Just as well it’s only practice and it’s another learning experience which is the main thing.

I resorted to the random practice session as I couldn’t get going with anything imaginative today for some reason. I’ll be back tomorrow hopefully.

Manual Reading

Page 49, FAQ. Mostly AF info.

Photographers Images Studied

I took the time to study images in another ebook by David DuChemin today. The book was called “Drawing the eye”. He also recommends studying the images of other photographers.

I also downloaded his free iphone wallpaper images available from his blog.

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Day 39 – Off camera flash practice

October 30, 2009 3 comments


This evening I played around with off camera flash. The evenings get dark now so it’s hard to get an image outdoors after a day in the office. Maybe I should go take some outdoor image in the dark, I’ve never tried it seriously before.

Manual Reading

Page 43, Formatting the card. I often forget to do this after downloading images only to realize it after taking a few new images. I should really make an effort to take note of the number of images remaining to be taken on the LCD.

Professional Photographer Images Studied

Today I read one of the ebooks by David DuChemin, author of Within The Frame. As I mentioned before I have read that book a few times and I will probably read his ebooks a few times too. At $5 an ebook I think it’s worth getting a few of them. I spent more time than I normally would looking at the images he included in the book.

I can’t wait for the new book, Visionmongers.

Some others

Day 31 – Reorganizing needed

October 21, 2009 Leave a comment


The gear junkie in me put out a plea on twitter last week looking for a place to order a Vertex 200aw from. I collected it from the post office this morning. So I spent most of this evening packing it ten different way until I found a configuration that suits me for now.

The next task on my to do was my image for today. It is of the lilly I shot a few days ago except now it has died, those flowers lasted longer than I thought.

The hardest task for today was dealing with the message from lightroom my backup hard disk was full. The is a lot of reorganizing going on in that disk right now but I feel it’s time to make the move to a NAS solution. Anyone have any recommendations. I’m looking at the new Iomega ix2 at the moment.

Manual Reading

Page 36, using the main dial for selecting.

Professional Photographers Images Studied

Zach Arais, whats not to like about his images. I’m sure everyone has seen his stuff. Hey Zach please come to Ireland and give a One Light course, I’ll be first on the list.

Day 23 – Smokin’

October 13, 2009 Leave a comment


So today I gave something a go that I have been meaning to try for ages, photographing smoke. I’m sure there are hundreds of tutorials online on how to do this and I’ve probably read and watched my fair share of them over the past 2 years. God it’s only been about 26 months since I touched a DSLR for the first time, before that I had only ever snapped with a p&s. But that’s besides the point.

The image was shot in my kitchen, incense stick stuck into a candle, off camera flash camera left, 5-in-1 reflector behind the smoke. (I need to get a none shiny black surface/fabric for a good black background…… equipment junkie strikes again.)

On another note, I’m back at work now that my back is feeling a bit better and today I went to the local park for a walk during lunch. When I got there there was a kid in the skate park practicing a trick. As I ate my lunch I watch this kid practice the trick over and over again. He must have done it 20 times before I left for my walk; camera in hand. When I got back 30 minutes later that same kid was still practicing his trick. I thought to myself that if I spent as much time as that kid trying to perfect my photography then some day I might make it to where I want to be. I’m sure that kid will eventually master the trick he was practicing and hopefully get where he want to be. I should have taken a photo!

Manual Reading

Page 121, Shooting Movies. Now this is something I need to try out soon. It seems a waste not to give it a go since it’s a feature in the camera. It was a factor I  took into account when buying this camera but certainly a bonus. Just so happens I got a link to Philip Blooms site on how to use these new convergence dslrs from another blog, I think it was David Zeisers blog that I got the link from.

Professional Photographers Images Studied

Today I have been looking at the Lite Portfolio of Jeremy Cowart. My god I would love to be able to get results like that. Wouldn’t mind a few of his client either. My favorite image from that portfolio would have to be image number 19 of Shannon Stewart, don’t know who she is but the image is fantastic. I’ve also been following Jeremy on twitter for a few months now and really like his work.

Some more smoke

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