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Day 72 – Flower

December 1, 2009 2 comments


Just a simple quick image of a flower. I was away most of the day today without my camera and had to do a bit of a rush shoot and post. It’s a bunch of flowers from the supermarket, a house plant in the background and an off camera flash shot through an umbrella.

Manual Reading

Page 85, Selecting the drive mode.

Photographer Images Studied

I downloaded another one of David Duchemins ebooks a few days ago and will be reading it in bed shortly. I expect the images will be up to his usual excellent standard.

Work towards self employment

A seven hour drive today gave me plenty of time to think about different ideas and to take on board what I have read in Dane Sanders book. I just need to write some of them down now before I forget.


Day 13 – I feel like a cheat.

October 3, 2009 Leave a comment


I much photographer plant, the orchid. I must admit I rushed this image a bit and feel like I have cheated. We have visitors at the moment and while they were away for a short period I quickly set up this shot and took a few dozen images. I placed a bunch of lillys behind the orchid to get the green bachground and used a sunfore reflector to bounce some of the window light back on the flower.

Manual Reading

I’ve just read page 46 – About copyright information. This was one of the first things I set up after getting my camera and recommend everyone to do the same. Helps protect your images to some degree and it might even get you your camera back if you loose it and one of the few honest souls out there find it. Wishful thinking eh.

Professional Photographer Images Studied

Michael Freemans book The Photographers Eye contained all the image that I reviewed today. I like the way that he shows the different version of images and how some work better than others. It’s another book I would recommend.

One more orchid shot