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Day 36 – A new shoot

October 26, 2009 1 comment


This is a new shoot that has just sprouted from one of the bamboo trees at the back of my garden. It’s picked an odd time of year to start out but then again why should it wait. This bamboo might find it a bit tougher going initially but I ‘m sure by spring it will be far ahead of the rest.  Strange as it may sound but I’m a bit envious of this shoot. It’s started out while I sit around day dreaming of what could be and making excuses: I need another camera, this lens, that flash, laptop, NAS box. Hopefully this project will help me find something that I think I’m looking for.

Manual Reading

Page 40, Menu operations.

Professional Photographers Images Studied

The images in At Work by Annie Leibovitz.

Is it a bit strange that I have very little portraits in my own photo library but spend a lot of time admiring portraiture? It’s something I have to do some more work on.

A few other images

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Day 17 – Garden Photography

October 7, 2009 Leave a comment


This evening was spent in the back garden again trying to find a subject I could do some justice for. I’m not sure what this plant is called but I’m finding it extremely difficult to get a great shot of. I think I may have to dig it up and put it in a pot so I can  move it around a bit more. The plant is only about three inches tall and is in an tough position to get a good angle on. Before digging it up I may take a trip to the garden centre and see if I can get another one first, I’ll also get it’s name.

Manual Reading

As I waited for the computer to boot up I read page 65, Setting The White Balance. While the manual hints at using AWB as standard I never use it anymore. Generally I have my camera set to daylight and then adjust it as I see fit or to try and get an effect I want. I also  use Lightroom to make changes in post.

Professional Photographers Images Studied

Today I spent some time looking at the Places portfolio of Bob Krist. My favorite image of that portfolio would have to be the one of Capella di Vitaleta. I’m a sucker for foggy/ misty images. Strange thing is that I don’t have a single image of my own with mist or fog in it. I’ll have to work on that this Autumn and see if I can get a few.

Other images from today

Day 15 – The unknown

October 5, 2009 Leave a comment


It was the lines and textures that initially drew my attention to this plant leaf. The leaves are like huge elephant ears on tiny stems. I guess I should have taken a photo to show the whole plant but as a whole it looks messy.

Manual Reading

I’m continuing on with yesterdays area of reading and today read about Automatic Sensor Cleaning on page 148. I have my cameras auto clean setting set to enabled at all times but I also use the clean now function from time to time especially after a lens swap. I find it’s needed from time to time and think it does a more vigorous shake, although I’m not sure if that is in fact the case.

Professional Photographers Images Studied

I am still looking at the work of Bert Stephani today as I felt I didn’t see enough of it yesterday. Bert is also doing a self improvement project at the moment called 50/50 using nothing but a 50mm lens. Some interesting images there if you have time to check out the project.

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Day 4

September 24, 2009 Leave a comment


I had intended to get out to take a few landscape photos this evening but yet again work got in the way.  So yet again I resorted to the back garden to provide me with an image.

Little did I know that the plant I have hated the most would be the one I would turn my attention too. I figured that there must be something about this plant that I like. We inherited this plant with the house when we bought it about two years ago. I had been meaning to dump it but never got around to it. Just as well I didn’t.

Now if only I could pick which version I prefer (see below). Which do you think looks better?

Manual Reading

Today I read about creating folders on the memory card p72 and p73. Even after reading it it’s not something I think I will use. I can see how it might be useful but for now I’ll just stick to the default.

Professional Image Reviewed
Today I was examining the work of George Barr. I think this may be the reason I took a picture of the cordiline plant in the way I did.

Cordiline cyanotype

Day 2

September 22, 2009 Leave a comment

Orange Poppy

It’s day two of the dave365 challenge and I’m still at it. Well it would be a bit sad if I didn’t manage two days.

Photo of the day

So today’s picture is of some orange poppies that I have growing in my front garden. At least thats what I think they are, I got a cutting from a friend a few years ago and forgot to write down its name. Every evening the flowers wrap back up like this. Trying to isolate just one or two of these was tricky and makes me think I need to do some pruning as soon as all the flowers have gone.

Manual reading

Today I read about Image Recording Quality , pages 54-56. I only ever changed this setting once when I got the camera. That time I changed it to RAW and it’s been there ever since. To be honest I don’t see why I would want to use a lower setting, I’ve paid all this money for a camera that can record high quality so why would I settle for lower. Who cares about free space on a memory card, just put in another one once the card in the camera is almost full. Never fill a card to full capacity.

Professional photographers images studied

Today I’m looking at images by David Noton, a UK landscape photographer. I would love to be able to get a few image on par with those David has in his book and DVD “Chasing the Light”.

Landscape photography is an area I am keen to improve on and I have been trying for some time now. I’m making a bit of progress, I think. Most of my landscape images will probably appear on the weekends as it’s autumn here now and it gets dark very quickly after I finish work.