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Day 92 – A bag full of goodies

December 22, 2009 Leave a comment


This evening I had coffee with Roger Overall. Roger kindly offered me his time, knowledge and advice to open my eyes a bit more to the idea of embarking on the photographic journey towards self employment. I went away from the meeting feeling like I had just been handed a bag of goodies.

I would have loved to have stayed longer as it turns out Roger was also meeting some of the great Cork wedding photographers, I did mange to get a few introductions. However I needed to go and finish off the repairs to my sisters central heating, which I might add is now fully serviced and back running at full capacity. Now if I could just find a way to get rid of the smell of diesel off my hands.

Manual Reading

Today I decided to start on my flash manual just fora bot of variety. Page 7, getting started and basic operation.

Photographers Images Studied

I’ll be reading more of Visionmongers before bed so I’ll be looking a few of David DuChemins images again.

Work towards self employment

As mentioned above I met with Roger Overall to have a chat on this subject. Eyeopening and thought provoking stuff. Some of my thoughts have been reinforced, other unknowns have been highlighted.

I also think I may have narrowed down a niche area of interest to myself. A bit of research into the area and I’ll have more to tell later.


Day 73 – Flat pack or firewood

December 2, 2009 Leave a comment


Another quick and dirty image today. I was about to load up the stove but took a moment to capture this first. It’s hard to photo a dirty glove on its own, I tried but didn’t manage it. Yesterdays road trip resulted in a a room full of flat pack shelving that isn’t going to assemble itself. I always think of it as lego for grown ups. I used to love lego as a child.

Manual Reading

Page 86, Self timer operation. I use this when I’m getting the cable release out of my bag. Then I usually forget to turn it off after I have plugged in the cable and sometimes miss the moment. But there is always another moment around the corner.

Photographer Images Studied

Roger Overall. He has a beautiful way of capturing the moment.

Work towards self employment

Some people may not see this as completing this task for today. I however believe that an organized space is a moreĀ  productive place, so today I am assembling the flat pack shelving I bought yesterday. If you could see my desk now you would agree that it’s needed.