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Day 91 – Busy busy busy

December 20, 2009 Leave a comment

Today didn’t go as planned but hey stuff like this happens. On the way out for a sunrise image I managed to do two pirouettes in the car within a few miles of starting the engine. Recovered without problems I decided to turn beck and wait for a safer sunset option. In the meantime I went and did all the Christmas food shopping and the last of my present shopping. With it all done with plenty of time to spare I got a call from my sister, her central heating had stopped and wouldn’t restart. That was the end of my plans. A few hours later and I have just gotten home from stripping drown the heating system and locating the problem. A new part is needed so they will have a cold night tonight. With any luck I’ll have it back up and running again in the morning once the hardware store opens,provided I can take a half day from the office. All these skills and abilities I put down to the teachings of my father, he was a man who could put his hand to anything and always explained to me what he was doing. This is certainly the reason I can competently do such a variety of jobs from repairing circuit boards to roofing.
Just aswell I got the image above with my camera phone before starting my shopping.

Manual Reading

Page 107, Live view shooting and movies.

Photographers images studied

The photos in the manual for the heating system. Technically fantastic.

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Day 41 – Please don’t do this to my car

October 31, 2009 2 comments


Today while out and about I dared to park right next to this wheel clamp. I figured that they would never think someone would be so daring to do it and leave the car alone. I got away with it….. this time. I only used my iphone today.

Manual Reading

Page 45, Reverting the camera to default settings. I had to do this once when the one of the buttons on the camera started acting strange. It would call up a different function every second time it was pressed.

Professional Photographers Images Studied

I was in a local shopping complex today and noticed a photography studio stand with a girl selling photo packages. I took a bit of time looking at the images on the advertising stand. Standing there for a few minutes I was surprise with how many people were signing their kids up for studio sessions. It has me thinking a bit.

It was all high key photography so anyone from Cork will know who I’m on about.