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Day 66 – The Clearing

November 25, 2009 2 comments


I can’t believe I never noticed this before. I walk right past it a few times a week during my lunch break but never saw it before today. I think I’ll bring my tripod with me to work some day and get this properly. It’s quite dark here and I found it hard to get an image with sufficient depth when hand held.

Manual Reading

Selecting the AF mode, page 78.

Photographers Images Studied

Another landscape photographer for today, Janneke Kroes.

Work towards self employment

After yesterdays post I was about to log off and go to bed when I read a tweet from Dane Sanders. He was about to have one of his live coaching events with ex-googler Jennifer Yew. Well I had seen one before and decided it might be worth staying up to watch it. Boy am I glad I did. That 30 minute show possibly did more for me than I did for myself over the past week or two. Half way through the show I realized I forgot to order his book the last time I was on the site. I checked amazon and had the book in my cart waiting until the show was over to finish my order. Then came the best bit, Dane announced that the book was going to be offered at 50% off on his site until Friday 26th November. All you need to do is watch the video to get the promotion code at the end. It’s worth watching for the advice alone.

I ordered the book and got a pdf version of it too while I wait for it to be delivered. Great advice in there from what I have read so far.


Day 30 – Autumn has settled in

October 20, 2009 Leave a comment


Well I was back out for a walk during lunch today and saw this pool of water under the shadow of a tree. If only I had the courage to put on the chest waders I keep in the boot of my car then I would have gone down to the edge of the water. I think I would have looked a bit odd walking through a park in a suit and chest wader with no fishing rod though. I should just get over it and use the stuff I have. Here I am saying “I should have done xyz” again. Oh well, next time, maybe tomorrow. “Maybe tomorrow”, that was what I kept saying to the tuk tuk drivers in Sri Lanka outside my hotels when I went for walks during the day. They always just smiled and said “okay then”. Great place to go see if you ever get the chance.

Manual Reading

Page 35, Shutter Button. Enough said.

Professional Photographers Images Studied

I looked at the Landscape Photographer of the year 2009 images on the website.

One more image