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Day 56 – Early rise

November 15, 2009 6 comments

I had hoped to get my misty morning today but yet again the weather didn’t play fair. I happened upon a scene with a little mist but nothing like the place I have planned.
With no sign of mist I needed a backup plan so headed for Gougane Barra woods. It’s a fantastic place to go for a walk and the variety of trees is huge. It’s about a 160km round trip so I spent a few hours there to make the most of. 8GB of images later I headed for home.
I’m also trying to use my iPhone camera a bit more. It got a bit annoying today when I framed up with the iPhone but couldn’t get my tripod to hold my camera in the same position.

Manual Reading

Page 67, Setting Color Temperature.

Photographers images studied

I’m taking some time to look through as many fellow 365ers blogs as I can. You know who you are.

Work towards self employment goal

I’ve started rereading one of the start your own business books.

Where do I find the time to do all this stuff every day? I wonder if I could add going to the gym every morning before work to the mix, I’ll have to think about that one a bit more.

Some More From Today – one with an iPhone


Day 25 – Not a nice site

October 15, 2009 2 comments


So what happened today. Well this is a pathway in one of the parks that I try to go for a walk in during my lunch break if the weather allows. It’s a lovely park and I can’t believe that I have only discovered it in the past few months. I’ve always know it was there but never bothered to take a look.

Well this is one of the pathways back to the car and much and all as I like the pathway the sight of this section drops my mood as I know that in another few minutes the camera will have to be put away for a few hours while I go back to reality and sit at a desk wishing I was out with a camera. The things I do to pay for camera equipment!

I’m not happy with this image but that’s ok. The next time I’m there I’ll try and make an image I like.

Manual Reading

Arriving to work early this morning I quickly read the page on Live View Shooting. I regularly use this when I’m using my tripod. The only thing is I tend to leave it turned on for too long when I should just compose, switch it off and wait for the light.

Professional Photographers Images Studied

I’m having an early night tonight but will be studying the image the book “First Light – A landscape photographer’s art” by Joe Cornish. I’ve studied his images before but I think they are worth another look as I’m going to attempt a few landscape shots this weekend. It’s been ages since I got out to do a few landscapes so hopefully I’ll succeed.